New members are always extremely welcome!

Singing in a choir is good for you! Why? Our members will tell you it’s a joy and a buzz working together as a team to learn wonderful works and deliver an enjoyable experience for ourselves and our much-valued audiences. It can reduce stress, boost the brain’s ‘feel good’ endorphins and help you to feel more relaxed, and it’s a very sociable way to have an aerobic workout! Quite simply, singing makes you feel good in mind and body.

We look forward to welcoming you to any rehearsal – details are on the rehearsals page. When you arrive, just say hallo to anyone, and we will point you in the direction of David Eckford, our Chairman.

After you have been a few times and decided to join, you will be asked to have a voice test with Cathal Garvey, the Musical Director. This is a very informal, short voice test so don’t panic – you are not expected to sing like a pro, this is to ensure that you are singing in the right section of the choir.

We have pride in what we do, and it’s important to attend each week so that we get the best out of our performances for our wonderful audiences. If the commitment is going to be really difficult, we ask you to consider carefully.

And as a break from singing, we have a walking group who meet regularly for fresh air, exercise and friendship – members, partners and friends (two legged and four legged). You will be very welcome to join any of the walks – see the walking group page.

Further questions? Please email us

We look forward to meeting you soon!